Happy Eaters

Happy Eaters

Worms on Thanksgiving, having a worm feast!

I finally harvested my first castings for a microgreen garden starter kit that I designed and gave a friend as a gift. You can see many black specks in this photo — those are the worm castings!  Yay!  Right below the food in this pic is about half a gallon of worm castings that I will scoop up, about one cup at a time, whenever I start a new microgreen garden. Not only are these worms eating up my leftovers and paper trash, but they’re also the biggest contributor to healthy microgreens!

I’ll post more on microgreens after the New Year.  And Happy Holidays to all!

About Vicki_Life_On_A_Farm

After twenty years of serving as a college administrator, I have taken the bold step of early retirement! Now I get to spend my time with amazing people, who share my passion for gardening, sustainability, and creativity. Who knew life after retirement would be so busy and fun!
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2 Responses to Happy Eaters

  1. Calchick says:

    Do you feed mung sprouts to your worms?
    Do you think its okay? We sometimes have leftover sprouts that start to spoil

    • Hi there,
      Sorry to be so late in responding! You will find that if you put sprouts in your worm bin, the sprouts will grow into plants! The worms won’t eat the roots because they create an ecosystem. You can remove the baby plants and repot them but they won’t be very strong because they will not have had much light and will be leggy.

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