Chop Suey using Mung Bean Sprouts

This is really easy.  All you need for a simple Chop Suey (like my mom made) are these ingredients:

1 Chicken Breast cut into cubes (about 1 inch)

6 celery stalks (chopped into bite sized pieces)

1/2 large onion (cut into bite sized pieces)

1 cup mung bean sprouts (let them grow for about five or six days)

Other veggies as you desire (shredded carrots, peas, broccoli bits, etc.)

1 teaspoon oyster sauce (optional)

1/2 teaspoon fish sauce (optional)

soy sauce to taste

1/4 cup water

1 heaping tablespoon (or so) corn starch to thicken sauce

1 tbsp olive oil

First, brown your onion in olive oil, then add chicken and brown well on medium to high heat (about ten minutes). Add the oyster sauce and fish sauce and stir to mix everything. Cover pan and let cook on medium heat for about ten minutes. Then add water and celery, sprouts, and any other veggies, cover your pan to let everything steam for another ten minutes. Spread everything in the pan to the sides to make a hole and add the corn starch, stirring vigorously to thicken the sauce.

Serve on rice and enjoy!

About Vicki_Life_On_A_Farm

After twenty years of serving as a college administrator, I have taken the bold step of early retirement! Now I get to spend my time with amazing people, who share my passion for gardening, sustainability, and creativity. Who knew life after retirement would be so busy and fun!
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