Growing Mung Bean Sprouts

I plan to start adding posts on various plant based topics, and here are quick directions on how to grow mung bean sprouts.

First, you want to purchase some organic mung bean seeds.  I purchase mine on from Todd’s Seeds.  I got quick service and the beans are healthy (not chipped or shriveled).

Then, I clean them in a strainer: IMG_1387

Once they’re clean, just fill a jar (I use a Bell or Mason jar) with about 1/4 cup of your clean beans, cover the beans with water, and cover the jar with a cheesecloth (secure with rubber band or ribbon).


Let your seeds sit for about six to eight hours, then drain the water.

Now comes the easy part. Just fill your jar with water and drain it immediately to moisten the beans, each morning and night.  Ideally, I do this three times a day, but two times a day will do.

On the fourth day, your sprouts are ready to be added to salads! IMG_1353But if you want to wait two more days, they will grow to be perfect bean sprouts for a stir fry or chop suey! I snip off the long, stringy roots first.  The quickest way is to pinch it off with your fingers.


BTW, I said I have recipes to try out using Mung Bean sprouts. Check my posts to see what I’ve shared.


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After twenty years of serving as a college administrator, I have taken the bold step of early retirement! Now I get to spend my time with amazing people, who share my passion for gardening, sustainability, and creativity. Who knew life after retirement would be so busy and fun!
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  1. Hi Veronica:

    I will be using this great and extraordinary ideas for eating my organic Mung Bean Sprouts. I will also be sharing this information as a teachable moment with my students in elementary schools. Thanks so much for this information…”GO ORGANIC”

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