Container Garden

Who’s been terrible at posting this year?  Yup, it’s me. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since winter!  But what a productive spring and summer we’ve had. First, we weren’t able to have an “in the ground” garden so I had to start my first ever container garden.  It was quite a learning experience. I harvested about four gallons of castings from my modest worm herd and used all of it for the container soil mix. I used a mix of 1 to 4, castings to soil (which is made up of soil and peat moss). When harvesting the castings, a few baby worms made their way into the pots but I was able to transfer them back to the worm factory once I found them. I usually use newspaper strips for mulch in the pots and would find little worms hiding under the paper and on top of the soil.

We’ve been growing thyme, which I’ve enjoyed in egg salad and tuna salad; basil, which is ready for pesto; scallions (still maturing); rosemary (slow in its first year); lots of lettuce, which I’ve enjoyed every day; green beans (only a few left); zucchini (pic below); green peppers (still growing); and peppermint (pic below).  I’ve started a late planting of more lettuce, calendula, nasturtium, and more basil.  I have a mini-greenhouse for the late season plants, too, which will prolong their growth. I grew most everything from seed and have been researching new farms from which to collect more seeds.

Let’s take a peek at a few of the plants that we grew!

Lots of blossoms hidden in the leaves.

Lots of blossoms hidden in the leaves.

Yummy tea every night after work.

Yummy tea every night after work.








The redworms have held up well and have been laying lots and lots of eggs.  Next time I harvest castings, which should be within the month, I’ll make a video on worm eggs and post it for you.

Hope you’re having a great summer!

About Vicki_Life_On_A_Farm

After twenty years of serving as a college administrator, I have taken the bold step of early retirement! Now I get to spend my time with amazing people, who share my passion for gardening, sustainability, and creativity. Who knew life after retirement would be so busy and fun!
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