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After twenty years of serving as a college administrator, I have taken the bold step of early retirement! Now I get to spend my time with amazing people, who share my passion for gardening, sustainability, and creativity. Who knew life after retirement would be so busy and fun!

Red Wiggler Bins and Eggs

What a busy fall it’s been – I have certainly overextended myself, once again, and am taxing my time management skills! But despite my deepest wish for more hours in a day, my worms are a priority that never gets … Continue reading

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Container Garden

Who’s been terrible at posting this year?  Yup, it’s me. I can’t believe I haven’t posted since winter!  But what a productive spring and summer we’ve had. First, we weren’t able to have an “in the ground” garden so I … Continue reading

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Growing Mung Bean Sprouts

I plan to start adding posts on various plant based topics, and here are quick directions on how to grow mung bean sprouts. First, you want to purchase some organic mung bean seeds.  I purchase mine on from Todd’s … Continue reading

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Chop Suey using Mung Bean Sprouts

This is really easy.  All you need for a simple Chop Suey (like my mom made) are these ingredients: 1 Chicken Breast cut into cubes (about 1 inch) 6 celery stalks (chopped into bite sized pieces) 1/2 large onion (cut … Continue reading

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Happy Eaters

Worms on Thanksgiving, having a worm feast! I finally harvested my first castings for a microgreen garden starter kit that I designed and gave a friend as a gift. You can see many black specks in this photo — those … Continue reading

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Red Worms Hiding from the Light

Here’s a short video showing how red worms will try to escape light. They don’t have eyes, but can feel light, just like we can feel a warm sun on our skin. If exposed to light for too long they … Continue reading

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Tea, anyone?

There are two kinds of fluids that can come from worm farms. One is called ‘leachate’, which accumulates at the base of the worm farm and can be drained out using the spigot. FYI, I do not recommend using leachate on … Continue reading

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Where Do Babies Come From?

I had an interesting question today. A friend of mine asked where do baby worms come from. It’s actually a great question because red wigglers are both male and female, they’re hermaphrodites. However, they are not asexual. There are worms … Continue reading

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Hydrostatic Skeletons

While our little red wiggler friends are busy making eating and excreting castings, there are lots of fun things to learn about them. I will try to find interesting websites and videos that will enhance your learning about worms. Today, … Continue reading

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Getting Started

It’s been a few years since I raised worms, in particular, red wigglers (Eisenia fetida). They’re the cutest things, really, and they are so handy for recycling much of your waste! These worms are top soil dwellers, meaning they don’t … Continue reading

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